Life Coaching

What is Life coaching? 

Life coaching focuses on the "here and now" of problems and difficulties. Instead of focussing on the causes of your distress or symptoms in the past, it looks for solutions and helps you set goals and achieve them.

Cath Markham is a life coach who has recently completed two approved ADHD specific training modules with the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) based in the USA ( as part of her ongoing ADHD focused coach training. The ADD Coach Academy runs an internationally recognised coach training programs, and is the first and only ADHD coach training programme fully accredited by the International Coach Federation and PAAC, the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches.

During her career prior to coaching, Cath worked as the team manager for the disability service at a large, London University with a diverse student population.‚Äč Part of this role included running mental health specific and general disability awareness courses, and to support this she completed a Mental Health First Aid instructor training course with MHFA England. Before going into a managerial role Cath worked one to one with students to ensure they had the correct support in place to enable them to succeed in their studies. She has also enjoyed volunteering roles such as mentoring and NCT parent support co-ordinator. In her life coaching work Cath aims to focus on supporting individuals through times of transition, adjusting to a diagnosis of ADHD and learning skills to compensate more effectively and turn weaknesses into strengths. Coaching is a process during which Cath will support you in staying focused while you make changes in your life and learn new skills suited to you and your ADHD. Coaching is a partnership, what happens during a session is led by you and Cath will support you to work through your challenges.

For Cath, ADHD life coaching is a natural progression from her previous roles as it combines all her skills and knowledge and allows her to better support ADHD sufferers through times of challenge and transition.

She looks forward to helping you on your journey to experiencing personal growth and insight as well as working on the challenges you face.



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